Douglas Reeman and Alexander Kent novels are available in the United Kingdom online and in fine book shops. In the United States, the author's work is available from various online dealers, including the author's American publisher, McBooks Press, and from select shops.

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Geoffrey Huband.

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Richard Bolitho Figurine

(Photo by Kim Reeman)

Alexander Kent's exquisite bone china figurine portraying Captain Richard Bolitho, the hero of his best-selling novels about the men and ships of Britain's eighteenth and nineteenth century navy may now be ordered online. Visit the BOLITHO FIGURINE page for more details.

Author's Treasure Chest:
Limited Supply of
Bolitho Art Prints

A small supply of Bolitho Collection fine art prints by English marine artist Geoffrey Huband is available. Each print is signed by the artist and Alexander Kent. A limited number of mint-condition hardcover and paperback reprints of Douglas Reeman and Alexander Kent novels are also available for the cover price plus postage. Books will be signed on request. Please click on TREASURE CHEST for details.

Douglas Reeman
Comments on Coronach

Douglas Reeman offers COM-
on Coronach,
Kimberley Jordan Reeman's epic eighteenth century novel, spanning three generations and set in Britain, the Caribbean, America, and France on the eves of their respective revolutions.
   Kimberley Reeman was recently interviewed online by Celtic Life International. Click on this link to read her remarks: CELTIC LIFE ON CORONACH.
    A limited number of hardback and paperback copies of Coronach signed by Kim Reeman are available for £18 paperback and £25 hardback for signed copies, postage included. Please e-mail (link at left in menu) for details.

“Douglas Reeman is the greatest
writer of seafaring novels alive.”

Literary Agent Caroline Dawnay

Douglas Reeman
(Photo by Kim Reeman)
English novelist Douglas Reeman, a master storyteller of the sea, from the time of Nelson to the twentieth century, has been thrilling readers around the world for over 50 years. Under his pen name, Alexander Kent, the former Royal Navy officer continues to chronicle the adventures under sail of Richard and Adam Bolitho. As Douglas Reeman, he writes about naval action during the twentieth century, with a primary focus on Britain's Royal Navy. At present, he has more than 34 million copies of his books in print.
     This is the only official website designed for and maintained with the full cooperation of Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent). Please explore and enjoy the coves and inlets of his long and distinguished writing career as you browse through this site.

New Print Edition

McBooks Press will publish a new trade paperback edition of Douglas Reeman's Killing Ground in April 2014. 1942. In the Western Ocean, at the height of battle and from the bridge of his much-loved destroyer HMS Gladiator, Lieutenant-Commander David Howard's orders were chillingly clear. There could be no mercy. To the men who fought to protect the vital, threatened Merchant Navy convoys in the Western Approaches, the Battle of the Atlantic was full-scale war. It was a relentless, savage war against an ever-present enemy and a violent sea—in an arena known only to its embittered survivors as the killing ground. HMS Gladiator was part of that war. An ordinary, hard-worked destroyer and her company of men fighting for survival in a war with no rules.

Audio Editions

Audible Books, an Amazon company, has purchased the audio rights to the novels written by Douglas Reeman and Alexander Kent. Visit www.audible.com for listings of currently available titles. The audio editions may also be purchased through the website.


Seven Douglas Reeman naval adventures set in the twentieth century are available in new e-book editions: The Hostile Shore, With Blood and Iron, The Pride and the Anguish, Path of the Storm, The Last Raider, The Deep Silence and the Iron Pirate.
    Four Alexander Kent novels, featuring Captain Richard Bolitho, will also be available from online booksellers in new e-book editions: Success to the Brave, With All Despatch, Colours Aloft! and A Tradition of Victory.

Richard Bolitho Short Story

'Homecoming' by Alexander Kent, a Richard Bolitho short story, was published in the autumn 1994 issue of the Thames Police Association Journal. This addition to the Richard Bolitho saga is made available to readers by the author. Click on HOMECOMING to read or download a PDF file.