After the day the darkness.

After the steel-bright sky,

Orion, southerly,

the burning black.

Two many memories for this

winter widow.

Even these stars are cruel.







wind in the trees 

the sound of loneliness                                                                                                                     






night and rain

fall together

spring sleeps underground

         “Winter Planting”






Snow in the lights

like moths.

Moths in the light 

like snow.

Summer, winter.

So much,

so little changes.






I said to the star that hung in the burning blackness,

Give me your light, that I may walk safely in this wasteland of souls.

I have crossed the river of shadows, I saw no reflection of heaven.

I hear no voice,

no lover’s hand guides me.

And the star said, The way lies within yourself.

I have given you the wisdom you always possessed.

I have given you the strength that was always your own.