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Maritime Treasures
In their online Shop, Douglas and Kimberley Reeman are offering the fine china Richard Bolitho figurine and a limited number of specially signed fine art prints in the Bolitho Collection by English artist Geoffrey Huband.
    The Home is the Sailor Collection of fine hand-knitted throws is now available.   

In addition, a limited number of mint-condition hardcover and paperback reprints of Douglas Reeman, Alexander Kent and Kimberley Reeman novels are available from the authors.  

ENGLISH NOVELIST DOUGLAS REEMAN, a master storyteller of the sea, from the time of Nelson to the twentieth century, has been thrilling an international audience for over 50 years. Under his pen name, Alexander Kent, the former Royal Navy officer chronicles the adventures of Richard and Adam Bolitho at sea during the Age of Fighting Sail. As Douglas Reeman, he writes about naval action during the twentieth century, with a primary focus on Britain’s Royal Navy. At present, more than 34 million copies of his books are in print. This is the only official website designed for and maintained with the full cooperation of Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent). Please explore and enjoy the faraway coves and harbours of his long and distinguished writing career.

Douglas Reeman
(Photo by Kim Reeman)

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Naval header images on the website are details taken from original cover art for the Alexander Kent novels by English marine artist Geoffrey Huband.


Dear friends and fans of Douglas Reeman:

Many of you who have written to my husband, Douglas Reeman, over the past several months know that 2016 has been a terrible year for us. In late February he fell ill with what became recurrent infections and pneumonia, and in late spring he suffered a stroke. He now has pneumonia again, and he has been diagnosed with leukaemia. His doctors have told me he has only a few months to live. His express wish is to die peacefully at home, surrounded by love.   
    Palliative care 24 hours a day is prohibitively expensive. But Douglas is the most beautiful gift life has ever given me, and I have vowed to “see him over the side”, as he puts it, with composure, grace and dignity.
    His books have touched so many people all over the world, in every walk of life, for more than fifty years, and his heroes, notably Richard Bolitho, embody the values of their creator: honour, compassion, duty, courage and sensitivity. My own “dearest of men”, my Douglas.
    If you have ever wanted to thank Douglas Reeman or his alter ego Alexander Kent for his great gift of storytelling, if his books have moved, inspired, comforted and entertained you, perhaps you would care to help us through this darkest hour, as the tide ebbs:


    May God bless you all for your warmth, friendship and support for his books throughout the years.

                                            Kim Reeman

Ebb Tide