The Bolitho Newsletter

The Bolitho Newsletter has been published in conjunction with each new Alexander Kent novel since 1971 to provide background and information for enthusiasts of the author’s famous naval heroes, Richard and Adam Bolitho.

The newsletter was most recently published in 2011 with the launch of In the King’s Name. To access an issue of the newsletter, click on one of the links below.

  • Issue I (1971) — Living with Richard Bolitho, ‘A Special Sort of Man’, and The Flag Captain.
  • Issue II (1972) — Sail Plan, Being In All Respects Ready for Sea, Prepare for Battle!, and Sloop of War.
  • Issue III (1973) — The Fleet in Being, The Language of the Sea, Command a King’s Ship.
  • Issue IV (1974) — Between Decks, A Decisive Year, and Signal — Close Action!
  • Issue V (1976) — The Specialists, Against Authority, and Passage to Mutiny.
  • Issue VI (1977) – Publishing Alexander Kent, The Regiment of the Sea, and In Gallant Company.
  • Issue VII (1977) — Flagship, Author’s introduction from Captain Richard Bolitho, RN, and The Inshore Squadron.
  • Issue VIII (1980) — A Ship Shall Be Judged . . . A Great Believer in Fate by Derek Shuff, and Stand Into Danger.
  • Issue IX (1981) — The Fighting Ship, Invasion, and A Tradition of Victory.
  • Issue X (1983) — Alexander Kent, Naval Customs, To Grips with the Enemy, Success to the Brave, and Badge of Glory.
  • Issue XI (1986) — Naval Customs, A Toast to Richard Bolitho, and Colours Aloft!, and The Volunteers.
  • Issue XII (1987) — Alexander Kent, Naval Customs, Naval Slang, Master Craftsmen, Honour This Day, and The Iron Pirate.
  • Issue XIII (1988) — Twenty Years with Richard Bolitho, Jack had a term for it ... I give you a sentiment by Kim Reeman, With All Despatch, and In Danger's Hour.
  • Issue XIV (1990) — Articles of War, Crossroads by Kim Reeman, Pipe All Hands!, and The Only Victor.
  • Issue XV (1992) — For Those in Peril, Letters by Kim Reeman, Ride the Wind, and Beyond the Reef.
  • Issue XVI (1993) — The Twenty-First Book, The Essential Gentleman by Kim Reeman, Admirals All, and The Darkening Sea.
  • Issue XVII (1995) — Sea Change, A Conversation with the Author by Kim Reeman, Sweethearts and Wives, and For My Country's Freedom.
  • Issue XVIII (1996) — Time and Distance, The Conversation Continued by Kim Reeman, A Ship Shall Be Judged, and Cross of St George.
  • Issue XIX (1998) — In Search of a Story, The Way Ahead, Chain of Command, and Sword of Honour.
  • Issue XX (1999) — The Most Coveted Gift, Out of the Shadows by Kim Reeman, The Fleet in Being, Jack Had a Word for It, The Team by Kim Reeman, and Second to None.
  • Issue XXI (2001) — The Face of the Enemy, The Making of a Seaman by Kim Reeman, Jack Still Had a Word for It, and Relentless Pursuit.
  • Issue XXII (2003) — The Way Ahead, A Sailor’s Odyssey by Kim Reeman, Man of War, Boat Ahoy?, Douglas Reeman in New Documentary Film, and The Bolitho Collection.
  • Issue XXIII 2005) — I Remember Nelson, Band of Brothers, Douglas Reeman in New Documentary Film, Kent-Reeman Website, The Bolitho Collection, and Richard Bolitho — A Life.
  • Issue XXIV (2007) — The Backbone, Heart of Oak, Onward, by Kim Reeman, Douglas Reeman in New Documentary Film, Kent-Reeman Website, The Bolitho Collection, and Richard Bolitho — A Life.
  • Issue XXV (2011) — A Word from the Author, Winds of Change, In the King's Name, ‘Always know their names’: Bolitho and leadership, The Bolitho Saga, Son of a Gun!