Bolitho Fine Art Prints

English marine artist Geoffrey Huband's original cover paintings for the Richard Bolitho novels of English author Alexander Kent have been published as a collection of limited edition fine art prints, signed and numbered by the artist. These prints are also signed by Alexander Kent / Douglas Reeman. Prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable for UK residents, postage (airmail outside the UK), packing, and insurance. Each print is 19” x 23”.

Avenger Print


Autumn, 1773 . . . His Britannic Majesty's Cutter Avenger, with young Midshipman Richard Bolitho on board, is on a port tack in Carrick Roads off Falmouth, with St Mawes Castle in the distance (left). Avenger is about to cross the bow of a Royal Navy 74 whose sails are backed as she prepares to anchor. The painting was completed by Geoffrey Huband for the cover of Midshipman Bolitho by Alexander Kent.


With All Despatch Print


Spring, 1792 . . . Captain Richard Bolitho is offered command of three Royal Navy topsail cutters in the Nore, as clouds of war rise once more over the Channel, in Alexander Kent's novel, With All Despatch. Geoffrey Huband depicts Bolitho’s two small cutters, Telemachus (left) and Wakeful (right), engaging the French corvette La Foi in the decisive battle at sea.