The Books

DOUGLAS REEMAN’S novels — including those written under his pen name, Alexander Kent — have been published in at least fourteen languages, while nearly thirty-four million copies have been been sold around the world.

Douglas Reeman Novels

“What makes Reeman’s books a cut above the rest is his sensitivity to relationships played out against . . . extraordinary times.”

— Sunday Mercury

A Prayer For The ShipDouglas Reeman’s first novel, A Prayer for the Ship, debuted in 1958, launching a writing career that has touched millions of readers throughout the world. The Reeman novels are standalone sea stories, set primarily during the twentieth century, with the exception of some of the Royal Marines stories.

After A Prayer for the Ship was published in 1958, Douglas wrote a novel each year, focusing primarily on the Second World War years and the following decade.

Alexander Kent Novels

“Kent exercises an admirably terse style, revealing a comprehensive knowledge of seafaring and of his period.”

– Kirkus Reviews

BolithoCaptain Richard Bolitho stepped onto the literary quarterdeck for the first time in 1968, with the launch of To Glory We Steer by Alexander Kent. Nearly six decades later, Richard and his nephew Adam Bolitho stand among the best-selling naval fiction heroes in history. The twenty-eight stories follow young Richard from his days as a midshipman to flag rank in His Majesty’s Royal Navy. Along the way, Adam continues the Bolitho family legacy as a serving officer in the King’s Navy, following in the wake of his Uncle Richard.

Over the ensuing years, Douglas has often written two novels each year — one by Douglas Reeman and one by Alexander Kent. At present, he is working on a new novel under his own name, which is set during the First World War.