Praise for Coronach

“Your life is a mote of dust, and of
as much consequence to an army.”

“One of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of literature I have ever read. Quite simply, an epic masterpiece.”

—James Dickaty, Cumbria, England

“I have never, ever read a book that has left such an impact on me as this one. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Beautifully researched and written, it charts the interwoven story of both aggressor and victim of the English occupation of the Scottish Highlands in the mid 1700s, and the rise and fall in the fortunes of both. The unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the invaders are so graphically related you can almost smell the fear and taste the blood. And you are left truly appalled. Yet out of this grows the most passionate of loves, destined to destroy all those it touches. The reader is dragged through such a vast array of emotions, it will leave you quite stunned. I can say no more than you simply must read this book. You will never find its like again.”

—Debbie Stinchcombe, England

“A fascinating book and the writing is terrific.”

—Billie Richard, Amazon UK

“Kimberley Reeman's novel, Coronach, cuts a broad swath through eighteenth-century history, charging through powder smoke across continents and the high seas in an unrelenting epic of love and war filled with human emotion and period colour. Reeman's debut is a master-stroke, with vivid, well-drawn characters making their way through the concluding battle between the Jacobites and the Hanoverians at Culloden, revolutionary France, and America's struggle for independence. Once cracked open, this book is difficult to put down.”

—George Jepson, Editor, Quarterdeck

“A remarkable work which made a truly indelible impression on me, and has changed the ‘shortbread and Scotch’ imagery of Scottish history forever in my mind. Well done!”

—Jack 'Captain Canada' Hetherington, Burnaby, British Columbia

"A spectacular achievement ... the pure poetry of the writing is a pleasure to read."

—Shuna Brown

“I must confess I carried it everywhere and opened it to read at every opportune moment. I really enjoyed it.”

—R.F. Phelps, Florida, USA

“Meticulous research and poetic use of language . . . Kimberley Jordan Reeman’s skilled use of words and beautiful descriptive passages are a pleasure to read. Her characters ring true to their age . . . the book’s gorgeous cover draws the eye and is set for optimal marketing. Coronach, beautifully and skillfully written, is the perfect showcase for the author’s talent.”

—Writer’s Digest

“A magnificent book. One for the ages.”

—Carol Spendlove, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“A sweeping saga that uses the classic ingredients of any historical drama – war and death and romance. Sparked by the failure of the ’45 the story delves into numerous intrigues and personal dilemmas of the era and these are played out against the backdrop of the bloody and brutal realities of life in 18th century Scotland.”

—Scottish Field

“A great, sweeping story . . . once started, it was hard to put down.”

—Norah Perkins, Canongate Books, Edinburgh

“Beautifully written, highly recommended.”

—I.M. Coombe, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

“The lessons that can be learned about history, and, especially about humanity (psychologically and socio-culturally) are simply extraordinary . . . Coronach is a masterpiece.”

—Beth D. Garcia, Texas, USA

Coronach possesses an uncommon quality of writing once referred to as ‘Literature’. With a plot as rich as Dickens and a mood reminiscent of Hardy, this is a rare and powerful novel that satisfies . . . A brilliant book.”

—L.E. Morgan, Toronto, Canada

“What a comprehensive don't-put-this-down opening. And the background research must have been extensive . . . this surely was how things were.”

—Gordon Weaver, Surrey, England

“Reeman uses lyrical, evocative language to great effect . . . If you like historical epics, or hard-centred love paeans with masses of brooding introspection and colourful backgrounds, then this, with its distinctively Scottish twist, is for you.”

—The Northern Scot

“Excellent and splendidly written . . . the characters fully grown and demanding the reader’s attention and involvement. I wait for more.”

—Winston Graham, author of the Poldark novels, 1998

“I wish I had written it.”

—Douglas Reeman, novelist, 2007

“With a depth of character not seen since Crime and Punishment, this book is a beautifully crafted tale of life and love in a brutal age.”

—R Grayling, Struggling Authors UK

“A devastatingly dark opening and a heart-rending account of forbidden love, this book will stay with you long after you have finished it.”

—Sarah, SLR Books