Alexander Kent Novels (VII)

Richard Bolitho Omnibus Editions

Six Richard Bolitho novels by Alexander Kent were published in omnibus editions by William Heinemann in the United Kingdom. Now out of print, Captain Richard Bolitho, RN and Bolitho are available from rare and used book sellers.


Captain Richard Bolitho RNAs an international bestseller whose readers are numbered in millions, Alexander Kent needs no recommendation to lovers of stories about the eighteenth-century navy. He rose to the top of bestseller lists in 1968 with the creation of Captain Richard Bolitho in To Glory We Steer, and has remained there ever since. To Glory We Steer was immediately hailed by the Sunday Times as ‘clearly one of the best stories about wooden-wall action ever written’, and that novel is included, with Sloop of War and Command a King’s Ship, in the present volume.

The Bolitho books now appear in many languages and in a variety of editions — and wherever they are published Alexander Kent is acclaimed as a master storyteller. This omnibus brings together for the first time in one volume, complete and unabridged, and with a special introduction by the author, three magnificent Bolitho novels which cover his career at sea between the eventful years of 1778 and 1784.


Bolitho OmnibusWith All Despatch, Honour This Day and The Only Victor chart the career of the ever popular naval hero, Richard Bolitho, as he battles for King and Country, for his sailors who serve him loyally and for the woman he desperately loves but cannot marry, Lady Catherine Somervell.