Douglas Reeman Novels (II)

The Douglas Reeman novels are published by Arrow Books in the United Kingdom and by McBooks Press in the United States and are available online and in fine bookshops. The titles are listed below in the order in which they were published.


Kiel, December 1917 ... The Vulkan sailed from Kiel. She was a German commerce raider. The last raider. First of all she had to break through the British blockade. Then, striking west and south to the open seas, to sink and destroy every ship, every cargo before it could be delivered to the enemies of the Fatherland. At this stage of the war, Germany needed a gesture and the Vulkan was to be that gesture. There had been other raiders, but unlike those earlier predecessors, she would be alone with every man's hand against her. And to Korvetten Kapitän Felix von Steiger fell the duty of making this voyage possible.

The Last Raider

UK Edition


January, 1944 ... On the vast grey waters of the Atlantic the balance of power has shifted. For Rudolf Steiger, ace U-boat commander, there is a new sense of urgency. Dedicated, ruthless, fanatical, he has become a legend in his own time, a symbol of Germany's greatness. But now, as he takes the U-boat flotilla, Meteor, out into the bitter winter seas, he faces a new and deadly enemy — his own nagging doubts about the outcome of the war. Steiger knows that his destiny may be to court heroic death rather than suffer ignominious defeat.

With Blood And Iron

UK Edition


Malta, 1941 ... To most people HMS Saracen is just an ugly, obsolete ship with an equally ugly recent history: her last commander is due for court martial after shelling the troops he was sent to protect. But to Captain Richard Chesnaye she brings back memories — memories of the First World War when he and the old monitor went through the Gallipoli campaign together. It seems that captain and ship are both past their best. But as the war enters a new phase Chesnaye senses the possibility of a fresh, significant role — for him and the Saracen.

HMS Saracen

US Edition


Hong Kong, 1960s ... The old submarine-chaser USS Hibiscus, re-fitting in a Hong Kong dockyard before being handed over to the Nationalist Chinese, is suddenly ordered to the desolate island group of Payenhau. For Captain Mark Gunnar — driven by the memory of his torture at the hands of Viet Cong guerillas — the new command is a chance to even the score against a ruthless, unrelenting enemy. But Payenhau is very different from his expectations, and as the weather worsens a crisis develops that Gunnar must face alone.

Path Of The Storm

UK Edition


March, 1967 ... HMS Temeraire, latest and most advanced of Britains nuclear submarines. When Temeraire's trials are cut short and she is ordered to the Far East to reinforce the fleet against a threat from Red China, her captain, David Jermain, knows that this is no routine exercise in flag waving. And once in Asian waters he and his submarine find themselves involved in a hidden undeclared conflict beneath the sea. While the politicians haggle over a situation which could hold the seeds of a full-scale war, Commander Jermain must keep his faith in himself and his new ship's potential - even when ordered to take the Temeraire to the edge of a catastrophe.

Deep Silence

UK Edition