Douglas Reeman Novels (III)

The Douglas Reeman novels are published by Arrow Books in the United Kingdom and by McBooks Press in the United States and are available online and in fine bookshops. The titles are listed below in the order in which they were published.


Singapore, November, 1941 ... They called it the "Gibraltar of the Far East" — a British rock that could not be taken. But suddenly, in a lightning blow, Singapore is defeated. Call it incompetence or call it false pride. It doesn't really matter. The warplanes of the Rising Sun command the skies. And two officers on a battered gunboat are all that is left of England's Empire in the East!

The Pride And The Anguish

UK Edition


Adriatic, 1943 ... The Navy’s Special Operations Forces had received the word from the high command: from now on, there would be no retreat. For the men of the HMS Thistle it meant a new kind of war - a war of stealth and cunning far beyond enemy lines. The Thistle was a battlewise corvette, drafted for secret strikes in the Nazi-bound Adriatic. No matter that half her crew were green boys and the other half hardtack misfits. In war, no one cared about the past — only the future — what men could wrest from their guns and the sea.

To Risks Unknown

UK Edition


Gulf of Thailand, 1969 ... Twenty-five years ago HMS Terrapin was part of a crack hunter/killer group in the Battle of the Atlantic. Now she is working out her last commission in the Gulf of Thailand. To Lieutenant-Commander Standish, the frigate seems to mark the end of his hopes of a career in the Navy. Then a new captain arrives, a man driven by an old-fashioned, almost obsessive patriotism. And under his stubborn leadership Standish and the crew discover a long-forgotten unity of purpose.

The Greatest Enemy

UK Edition


Atlantic, 1941 ... She was a battered merchant cruiser, decked out in a new coat of paint and a few ancient guns. Her patrol: Iceland. Her crew: a roster of has-beens, with an admiral of faded glory. But in the killing ground of the Atlantic, Nazi U-boats ran swift and deadly. The Benbecula's men knew this war of nerves and tossing ice caps was a game you couldn't afford to lose. And for one more brave, impossible hour they had to play the odds of battle and the sea.

Rendezvous - South Atlantic

UK Edition


February, 1943 ... Europe is wracked by the fiercest fighting of the Second World War. Lieutenant-Commander Steven Marshall brings his submarine, sole survivor of a flotilla decimated in Mediterranean waters, back to Britain. There he assumes command of a captured German U-boat and returns to the Mediterranean, to pose as a German ship and crew. The Royal Navy is unaware of the spy ship’s true identity and suspense builds to unbearable levels as Commander Marshall threads his way among potential destroyers on both sides, to annihilate enemy installations and to sabotage an Italian factory at work on secret weapons threatening the Allied invasion.

Go In And Sink

UK Edition