Douglas Reeman Novels (IV)

The Douglas Reeman novels are published by Arrow Books in the United Kingdom and by McBooks Press in the United States and are available online and in fine bookshops. The titles are listed below in the order in which they were published.


June, 1943 ... The eight destroyers had seen just about every kind of action since they were originally built to fight the Kaiser's navy. To help pave the way for the Allied invasion, the veteran ships were transferred to Special Operations and sent to the icy North Atlantic. Were they picked for their fighting experience — or because they were expendable? Either way, Lieutenant-Commander Keith Drummond, captain of the destroyer Warlock, was determined to guide the old ships to their final glory.

The Destroyers

UK Edition


Summer, 1943 ... As the grim years of the Second World War go by, the destruction of Allied shipping mounts. Out of the terrible loss of men and ships, the escort carrier is born. At twenty-six, fighter pilot Tim Rowan, RNVR, is already a veteran of many campaigns. Now he joins the escort carrier, Growler, a posting which takes him first to the bitter waters of the Arctic and all the misery of convoy duty to Murmansk, and then south to the Indian Ocean and the strange new terror of the Japanese Kamikaze.

Winged Escort UK

UK edition

Winged Escort US

US Edition


Norwegian Coast, 1940s ... Hiding, lying in wait on the sea bed, is EX 16, one of the most important ships in the Royal Navy. She's not much to look at, and she's only 54 feet long, with no defensive armament. But her four-man crew knows that the outcome of the war could depend on this midget submarine. Seaton, her commander, understands what his men face. There is the boredom, the discomfort, the jealousy and bickering; and already they have confronted enormous dangers on desperate raids into Norway. Now, poised for the attack on a secret Nazi rocket installation, Seaton must hold his crew together for the hell that await them.

Surface With Daring

UK Edition


Straits of Borneo, 1941 ... Soufrière. The beast. She was the largest submarine in the world, an undersea cruiser with twin turret guns, her own spotter plane, and forty ‘fish’' in her tubes. She was French, but in 1941 Hitler's legions held Paris. Ainslie’s men were the hand-picked best of the Royal Navy and de Gaulle’s Free French, shuddering through the straits of Borneo, steaming for the lagoon where Soufrière lay hidden. Their job: seize her.

Strike From The Sea

UK Edition


January, 1944 ... When the British light cruiser Andromeda arrives at Williamstown naval dockyard to be handed over to the Royal Australian Navy, she is already a legend — having earned her young captain, Richard Blake, the Victoria Cross in her last victory against overwhelming odds in the Mediterranean. Blake has grown to love Andromeda and has few regrets when he is unexpectedly told to retain his command with a British and Australian ship's company. At this crucial time of the war, with the Allies advancing on almost every front, comes the startling news that a heavily armed German commerce raider is at large in the vast sea area of the Indian Ocean, stalking supply ships and destroying any vessel reckless enough to sail unescorted. As the toll of lives and ships mounts, Blake, his experience and reputation matched against those of an equally skilful enemy, is ordered to seek out and destroy the raider — the ship which must die.

A Ship Must Die

UK Edition